A Kentish Lad: The Autobiography of Frank Muir

A Kentish Lad: The Autobiography of Frank MuirFor Than Twenty Five Years Frank Muir, In Partnership With Denis Norden, Produced Some Of The Most Sparkling And Original Comedy Ever Written For Radio And Television On Programmes Such As My Word And My Music His Distinctive Voice Became Familiar To Millions As He Displayed An Astonishingly Well Stocked Mind And A Genius For Ad Libbing And Outrageous Puns Later, Working At The BBC And Then At London Weekend Television, He Produced Some Of The Best Television Comedy Of The 1960s And 70s He Has Written Highly Successful Books For Children, And Two Bestselling Anthologies Of Humour.Frank Muir Recalls, In Glorious Detail, A Happy 1920s Childhood In The Seaside Town Of Ramsgate, Where He Was Born In His Grandmother S Pub In Broadstairs, And In London, Where He Attended An Inexpensive But Excellent School Of A Kind No Longer To Be Found He Remembers His Very First Joke At The Age Of Six, When He Knew That His Destiny Was To Make People Laugh He Also Knew From An Early Age That He Wanted To Write, But It Took A Childhood Illness For Him To Discover That Humour And Writing Could Be Combined The Death Of His Father Forced Him To Leave School At The Age Of Fourteen And Work In A Factory Making Carbon Paper Then, At The Outbreak Of The Second World War, He Joined The RAF As An Air Photographer And His Memories Of The War Years, As Might Be Imagined, Are Engagingly Different From The Usual Kind It Was During Those Years, With Their Rich Fund Of Comic Material, That He Began His Career As Scriptwriter And Performer At His Demob In 1945 He Moved Naturally To London And The Windmill Theatre, That Remarkable Breeding Ground Of Talent Where New Comedians Like Jimmy Edwards And Alfred Marks Vied With Nude Girls For The Attention Of The Audience In Story After Story He Recalls The Lost World Of London In The 1940s And Early 50s, When The Laughter And Creative Ideas Seemed To Explode Out Of Post War Shabbiness And Austerity Then Came The BBC, The Legendary Partnership With Denis Norden, And Half A Century Of Fulfilling The Boyhood Ambition Of That Kentish Lad All I Ever Wanted To Do Was To Write And Amuse People.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Frank Herbert Muir was an English comedy screenwriter and radio and television personality From 1977 on he also wrote children s books based on his family dog, What a Mess In 1997 he published his autobiography.

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  • Paperback
  • 427 pages
  • A Kentish Lad: The Autobiography of Frank Muir
  • Frank Muir
  • English
  • 06 July 2019
  • 9780552141376

10 thoughts on “A Kentish Lad: The Autobiography of Frank Muir

  1. Bryan Murphy says:

    I was never a fan of Frank Muir during his lifetime he was too Establishment for my taste I inherited this book from my stepfather, Eric Tipping, another Kentish lad, and started to read it for clues to the dear departed, and found them in a love of words That carried me into the book and its humour carried me the rest of the way, despite that fact that I have precious little interest in radio or television, never mind nostalgia for the way they were Muir s wit and wordplay make ...

  2. David says:

    Amazing that one of the funniest people ever on radio could write such a boring memoir.

  3. Rob Blackmore says:

    Many people probably remember him as the bow tied buffer on Call my Bluff , or from My Word on the radio, but there s to Muir than these shows Frank, together with Denis Nordern , was a talented scripwriter and producer of pioneering comedy shows in the post war years.In this very funny and readable autobiography, Frank writes about his seaside childhood in Ramsgate, you swam in and swallowed petrol flavoured sea water and later Leyton, I was educated in E10 not Eaton , before moving on to his war service as a photographer in the RAF It s hard to imagine the dapper Muir in a bomber, strapped on a plank over the bomb bay as it slowly opens I might well have screamed.Frank had a sunny and sometimes surreal outlook on life, and there s plenty of comic anecdotes, which illustrate his post war life, as he began his writing career with the BBC, while becomin...

  4. Ryan Williams says:

    This reminded me of The Road to Wigan Pier vivid, thoroughly absorbing first half, dull second half On childhood, Muir is spellbinding describing the types of sweets he and his boyhood friends ate is a high aesthetic adventure He...

  5. Veronica says:

    Started off well, gradually became rather tedious.

  6. Kathy says:

    If Americans know Frank Muir, it s probably because of the aptly titled An Irreverent and Thoroughly Incomplete Social History of Almost Everything, his children s books about the Afghan hound What a Mess, or the BBC Radio quiz program My Word , carried in reruns by many NPR stations His autobiography A Kentish Lad reveals that his startlingly accurate knowledge of all things literary was mostly self taught This appealing and witty book documents Muir s wartime service as an aerial photographer, his chance initial teaming with lifelong writing partner Denis Norden, and his rise from sitcom scriptwriter to head of the Light Entertainment division during the Golden Age at BBC Television.

    Whether or not you re familiar with Muir s work, A Kentish Lad will make you smile His anecdotes make an American reader long to see the shows he and Norden created from the 1950s through the 70s, and wonder whether the network disposed of the recordings as...

  7. Mike says:

    Frank Muir is a hugely talented man, but it also goes to show how large a part luck and encountering the right people plays in a life The perfect example is his wife of fifty years, Polly Muir had that Midas touch of turning opportunity to gold One other plus is to recognise early what general path you want to follow He knew at six He gives very little away on the mechanics of his trade the source of his material, how he and Norden managed to accumulate and develop the humour to conjure up elev...

  8. Barbara says:

    Frank Muir was a British radio and TV comedy writer I enjoyed his sometimes convoluted anecdotes and insider tales of early BBC and TV, even though many of the references and famous people were unfamiliar to me.

  9. P. W. Lapwing says:

    The unrelenting verbosity probably tells you as much about the man as the contents of the book.

  10. Dave Calver says:

    Good first half disappointing second half.

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