The Silmarillion

The SilmarillionTolkien In En Nemli Al Mas Olarak Kabul Edilen Silmarillion, Onun Yaratt D Nyan N Z D R K Kleri Hobbit Ten Nceye Uzan R Ve Y Z Klerin Efendisi Nde Ekillenmeye Ba Layan Bir D Nyan N Yarat L Yk S N Bar Nd Rarak, T M Tolkien Eserlerinin Zerine Yerle Ebilece I Bir Yap Olu Turur Ya Am Boyunca Zerinde Al May Terk Edemedi I Ve Giderek B Y Y P Geli En Bu Eser Ancak L M Nden D Rt Y L Sonra O Lu Taraf Ndan Yay Mlanabildi Elflerin En Beceriklisi Olan Feanor Un Yaratt Silmaril In Al Nmas Yla Birlikte Kadim D Nyan N En Kederli Olaylar Geli Meye Ba Lar Silmarillion, Elflerin Tanr Lara Isyan Ederek Orta D Nya Ya S R Lmelerini Orada Insanlar Ve C Celerle Birle Erek Tanr Lar N En K T S Ne, Morgoth A Kar Verdi I Umutsuz Sava Anlat R Daha Nce G Y Z Klerine Dair Ismiyle Yay Mlanan Ancak Silmarillion Kitab Nda Olmas Gereken Metin De Bu Kitapla Birlikte Tam Metin Olarak Yay Mlanm T R.

The Hobbit and

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  • The Silmarillion
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
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  • 14 July 2017
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10 thoughts on “The Silmarillion

  1. Manybooks says:

    I had tried to read J.R.R Tolkien The Silamarillion multiple times in the past and always unsuccessfully and had basically given up, but I finally did manage to realise that I was attempting to read it the wrong way I was trying to read The Silmarillion like I have read and with pleasure reread LOTR, as a story, an epic story, of course, but still first and foremost as a story Now while The Silmarillion is of course also partially a story, it is at least for me first and foremost a religious type document, a biblical, mythological account of the Elder Days of Middle Earth So this time, I read The Silmarillion the way I used to read my Bible and how I have also approached Hesiod s Theogony and other tomes on Greek, Roman and Norse mythology perusing small bits and pieces as needed and desired and following along via audiobook at the same time if possible And I do know this might indeed and in fact sound a bit strange, I actually tried singing some of the parts to myself And yes, I will likely have to reread The Simarillion sometime soon, because there is just no way I am going to be able to keep all of the different names etc clear in my head and I kind of also wish I had taken notes But for a first full and complete read, I can only say, wow As good as LOTR, but also very very different, and I honestly and strongly do believe that in order to truly appreciate, savour and enjoy what J.R.R ...

  2. The Crimson Fucker says:

    Ever since I joined GR I ve been putting off the writing of this book s review but since I m high as fuck on cold medicine I feel like I can do it so here suffer thru it Along long time ago a little 3rd world kid with an afro became fascinated of what he read on the internet about some British writer named Tolkien he wanted his books it became his obsession so he embarked on a quest to find his books and read the shit out of them but alas The book was no where to be found on his dumb little island but that wasn t going to stop our little afro hero he looked and looked, he went to used bookstores, he ordered 5 times in the expensive ones, he looked online, on the streets, even on the flea markets but they were not to be found one day after wating for 2 hours for his translator to finish translating and E copy of The Lord of The Ring The Fellowship of The Ring Into Spanish and realizing that it made no fucking sense once translated our little afro hero went into the internet and founded the only bookstore with m...

  3. Sean Barrs the Bookdragon says:

    Writing a review of the Silmarillion is like trying to review the Bible Where do you even start There s just so much story in here Any attempt to convey it in a review would be to do the book a massive disservice There would only ever be enough space to talk about one or a few elements of the work So instead I thought I d give my reasoning as to why every Tolkien enthusiast needs to read this in order to fully understand Tolkien the sheer depth of the work It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur than in any substance that is in this Earth and many of the Children of Il vatar hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen The history of middle earth is very rich, and it stretches a very long way Much further than the time of Sauron and the Ring And this sense of history is only very briefly glimpsed within The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit if at all The Silmarillion is the entire picture it is the entire vison of Tolkien s fantasy world It s a huge piece of world building, and there really is nothing else quite like it In here he relays a huge amount of history, a truly staggering amount for a fictional world to possess I often talk about the need for world building in fantasy, and here it is in full force It s astonishing It s beyond imaginative It goes further than anything befo...

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Silmarillion, J.R.R Tolkien The Silmarillion is a collection of mythopoeic works by English writer J R R Tolkien, edited and published posthumously by his son, Christopher Tolkien, in 1977, with assistance from Guy Gavriel Kay The Silmarillion, along with J R R Tolkien s other works, forms an extensive, though incomplete, narrative that describes the universe of E in which are found the lands of Valinor, Beleriand, N menor, and Middle earth, within which...

  5. Manny says:

    How To Build A Truly Convincing Fantasy World1 It s all about the language Make sure your world s language is convincing, and you re pretty much there Conversely, if your language sucks then everything else will.2 Your book can t include than a few sentences in your invented language without losing your audience But it can include plenty of names So what people will really judge you on is the quality o...

  6. Markus says:

    Buddy re read with Shii I ve been contemplating whether or not to tackle the challenge of actually reviewing this masterpiece for quite some time now In the end, after having finished reading it for the second time, I realised that I should at least throw out my thoughts on it So here we go This is in my eyes the most impressive book ever written.Notice how I did not say best That was completely intentional I do not believe it is the best book ever written, even though I know others think so, and I understand their opinions I also know people who have given up on reading this book, or been baffled by the thought of even attempting it And I understand them too This is not the most exciting fantasy book you ll find But I stand by it being the most impressive one.After almost reluctantly publishing The Hobbit and very reluctantly writing and publishing its sequel The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien could finally concentrate on what he actually wanted to do to complete his collection of tales on the mythology and origins of Arda, often just referred to as Middle Earth The result, though published after the great...

  7. Charlotte May says:

    Oh woe begotten spirit, fall now into dark oblivion, and forget for a while the dreadful doom of life I must admit I struggled Though I love the Lord of the Rings and the Middle Earth Universe with all of my heart, tackling a large part of its history in this manner was tough going The world Tolkien created is absolutely extraordinary, without a doubt Unfortunately The Silmarillion is written as a long history or mythology of biblical proportions Name after name, battle after battle, son after son It was hard to foll...

  8. Szplug says:

    Sauron was become now a sorceror of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves his dominion was torment. Ah, Sauron, Maia of Aul beyond doubt the singularly most enthralling antagonist whom I encountered as a young reader, possessing all of the malevolence and dark charisma and naked power of Satan, but unhobbled by the multi aspectual morphology of Christian theology and popular culture that far too often rendered the Devil a ridiculous figure a wild eyed and beastly fornication ringmaster cavorting with naked acolytes a scarlet skinned, pitchfork wielding fashion model for forked tails and forehead horns or slyly smiling traveling salesman, pitching his gimcrack wares backed by loosely enforced contracts claiming lien upon some drink tossed wastrel s dubiously valuable soul But Sauron the dude fell, the dude schemed, the dude was scary, whether donning the raiments of a beautiful, translucent ring wise man or an unbearably, searingly abhorrent humanoid vessel of the void.There exists no other book that I ve read as many times as The Silmarillion Much than the questing, heroic storyline of The Lord of the Rings was I drawn to the background of all those tumultuous events, the grand personages and royal lineages that stretched back into the mists of primordial time Wh...

  9. Petrik says:

    3.5 5 starsWith a new interest and determination, I have finally finished reading The Silmarillion.I have failed this book twice and I was so sure that I won t attempt reading it again However, I have just finished re watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy extended editions and reading the Three Great Tales of Middle Earth that s edited by Christopher Tolkien I know this is not the recommended reading order but it s only because of doing these two activities that I found a new interest, knowledge, and motivation to actually persevere and finish this book.Picture Fingolfin versus Morgoth by Art CalaveraFinishing The Silmarillion for the first time was one of the most difficult reads I ve ever attempted in my life It was so difficult that in my opinion, reading this book alone was harder than reading the entirety of Malazan Book of the Fallen. My main problem with it was that that I found it the first half of this book to be extremely boring I m talking about hundreds of names characters, places, events being fired non stop at readers, monumental events happening in two sentences, and the extreme difficulty in caring with the characters because there was close to zero character s thoughts exploration due to the biblical style of writing However, after reading the three Great Tales of Middle Earth, these names started to become familiar and much easier to remember In fact, when I got back to it, I fou...

  10. Forrest says:

    Though I had many near misses with The Silmarillion throughout the years having been introduced to Tolkien s universe by discovering The Hobbit in my school s library in 5th grade , I finally slogged my way through it during the summer after my sopho year of college The first two years of my undergraduate degree were rather gruelling, and I wanted, than anything else at that time, to just read a bunch of books I wasn t required to read After making my way through The Complete Sherlock Holmes, I decided to revisit Tolkien.I had read The Hobbit twice before and the Lord of the Rings once and a half As I ve stated, I dipped my toes in The Silmarillion, but never let myself dive in This time, in the interest of reading something other than required reading, I jumped in with both feet It was cold And deep And dark It took a while to feel my limbs It took even longer to get my arms and legs moving, but I soon found I was OK Still breathing and able to dog paddle As I worked my way into it and it was work , I discovered that certain tidbits in the myths and legends of middle earth rang familiar I knew that much of The Silmarillion had been back written after the fact, which might strike people as some sort of disingenuous act on the part of the Tolkiens I was thrilled Here I learned who Elrond was, the significance of the fall of Saruman, and the true nature of and relationship between Gandalf and the Balrog This was a revelation.I plugged my way through and finished No, I di...

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