From This Dark Stairway

From This Dark StairwayNurse Sarah Keate, The Amateur Snoop Who Made Readers Of The Patient In Room 18 And While The Patient Slept Shudder, Is Back In Stand Up To The Devil Form Now She Supervises The Third Floor Of A Metropolitan Hospital From The Landings Of A Walnut Stairway, Unlighted For The Sake Of Economy, She Can See Everything Going On She Generally Uses The Stairs Instead Of The Lurching Cagelike Elevator, But One Sweltering Summer Night Let Her Tell The Strange Story Of A Body Where It Shouldn T Be, And No Body Where It Should Have Been From This Dark Stairway, Originally Published In 1931, Belongs To The Golden Age Of Detective Fiction Some Suspiciously Stylish People, A Formula For A Superior Anesthetic, An Antique Chinese Snuff Bottle That Philo Vance Would Have Coveted These Elements Come Together Classically And Chillingly.

Mignon Good 1899 1996 was born in Lincoln, Nebraska She studied at Nebraska Wesleyan University from 1917 to 1920 In 1923 she married Alanson C Eberhart, a civil engineer After working as a freelance journalist, she decided to become a full time writer In 1929 her first crime novel was published featuring Sarah Keate , a nurse and Lance O Leary , a police detective This couple appeared i

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  • Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • From This Dark Stairway
  • Mignon G. Eberhart
  • English
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9780803267299

10 thoughts on “From This Dark Stairway

  1. Abbey says:

    1931, 4 Sarah Keate, R.N., Melady Memorial Hospital, Mid West USA An opportunistic doctor dies bloodily, and his enemy a wealthy businessman is missing even though he was seriously ill and confined to bed suspense thriller three and one half starsNurse Keate is now the Head Nurse of a wing of a prestigious private hospital, and keeps everyone on their toes, naturally But when her illustrious patient goes missing and she then finds the body of his doctor in a darkened elevator during a storm, well, things get rather creepy and involved , kwim Beautiful atmosphere very darkly creepy and must have been enormously scary at the time The characterizations are very good as well, with lots of nice little insights into the various patients and personnel at the hospital, mixed with Sarah s wry little bits of advice and observations Even the stereotyped characters yes, there are a few the fluffy Rich Little Wifey, The Siren, The Young n Pretty Nurse, etc are, except for one, very strongly presented, and remain interesting in their complexity The exception is, alas, one of the main characters the lead policeman, a stolid sargeant who discounts much of Sarah s insights and at times views her as a distinct suspect This is a change from the earlier novels in the ...

  2. Keesha says:

    This was a very suspenseful murder mystery and I enjoyed it all up til the last few pages The ending was awful, in my opinion anyway.

  3. Rick Mills says:

    Major Characters Hospital staff Nurse Sarah KeateNurse Lillian AshNurse Nancy PageSurgical Nurse Fannie BianchiStudent Nurse Ellen BrodyMiss JonesEllen Nancy Dr Felix KunceJacob Teuber, orderlyDr Leo Harrigan, surgeonThe patients Peter Melady in 309, scheduled for an operation , head of Melady Drug CompanyDione Melady sunburn , Peter s daughterIna Harrigan in 307, broken arm , wife of Dr Harrigan hospital seems to have a low threshold for admissions gotta keep those beds filled Others Kenwood Ladd, architect, possible love interest of Ina HarriganThomas Wepling, Ina Harrigan s lawyerCourtney Court Melady, husband and cousin of DioneLieutenant Lance O LearyLocale somewhere in the midwestSynopsis It is a hot, sultry night in Melady Memorial Hospital Nurse Sarah Keate is in charge of patient Peter Melady, grandson of the founder, hospitalized and scheduled for an operation by Dr Harrigan the following morning He is rather irascible, smoking cigars in bed, and sending Nurse Keate to his home to retrieve his favorite little blue snuff bottle.Nurse Keate returns from break to find, her surprise, her patient is gone The nurse on duty reports Dr Harrigan had come in, and decided that Melady s operation needed to be done immediately Nurse Keate goes to the operating room, but no one is there Melady...

  4. Jeff Kart says:

    A hot hospital A newfangled elevator A cast of characters and relationships A great old fashioned detective novel The mystery is sharpened in the end and the last couple of chapters and especially the last 10 pages are riveting The killer isn t revealed until the final sentence Not who I suspected.

  5. David says:

    Another of the old classic murder mysteries that my sister sent me, this one first published in 1931, and it certainly shows its age in many ways Yet it is still a good read, or accurately, a great read Nurse Sarah Keate tells the story, and she goes along quite methodically for 200 pages before things start to speed up and become quite intense as our story rushes along to the exciting denouement.This book is the fourth in a series, and I am now curious to read the others, to see how we got to this point Some preposterous stuff goes on that could use explaining And sometimes the slow circling around of the story struck me, but I was so delighted by the narrator and intrigued by the story, that I was willing to go on Very glad that I did, too.The introduction to this 1996 reprint talks about this being put in the category of cozy mysteries, but concludes that the author would not have wasted her time...

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