Vigil Super Rich Super Damaged Super Sexy.A Billionaire Superhero Romance.When Newspaper Intern Cecily Kane Kisses A Masked Vigilante, She Doesn T Realize She S Plunging Headlong Into A Relationship With Two Separate Identities.As Vigil, He Is Dark, Sensuous, And Irresistible His Touch Skyrockets Her To Heights Of Pleasure As Callum Rutherford, He Is A Billionaire Playboy Arrogant, Cold, And Untouchable She Looks Good On His Arm, But Without His Mask, He Holds Her At Arm S Length.Sex With A Masked Man Dinner With A Rich Sophisticate A Fractured Relationship With A Complicated Man.Deep Down, He Is Broken, Twisted In Some Dark, Hidden Way Some Way He Won T Reveal To Her She Only Knows That It Is Somehow Connected To His Obsession With The Phantom, The Costumed Villain Whose Murder Spree Has Rocked The City.She Must Unravel Vigil S Secrets To Make Him Whole And To Stop The Phantom Recommended For Mature Readers Due To Explicit Sexual Situations, Coarse Language, And Disturbing Violence.

V J Chambers writes about being inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring Her works span mundane settings and fantastic ones She writes about serial killers, cult leaders, werewolves, witches, for hire assassins, zombies, space pirates, and regular everyday people.She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat Isis.

Free ↠ Vigil  By V.J. Chambers –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 302 pages
  • Vigil
  • V.J. Chambers
  • English
  • 10 May 2017

10 thoughts on “Vigil

  1. Delta says:

    Free 12 27 15 Superhero romance

  2. Jillian says:

    No It s not Vigil, it s Batman, that s all I could think this whole book Hot Batman.Good thing I m a Batman fan.Anywho Twas a good read.More in depth review to come.

  3. AnnMarie says:

    Vigil has all sorts of goodies going on Mystery, suspense, murder, secrets, romance, smexy times, reluctant super hero, evil yet crazed villain, nutty ex girlfriend, a damaged alter ego, and a girl you want to give a little shake to V.J Chambers does an amazing job with her multiple characters laying out all the ground work and backgrounds to her characterizations A story line some what Batmanesque, yet not A fast read because once you start, you won t want to put the story down The need to know what happens next had me devouring chapter after chapter.I admit though, this is a story you will either love or not It is a story line of depth once you get past the surface, the nuances I felt were fantastic I totally enjoyed Vigil and was completely immersed in the characters.I freakin loved Cecily, Callum, and Vigil Here s whyCecily She s a young girl, college student, working as an intern at a newspaper Cecily loves newspapers and it has always been her dream to be a newspaper journalist I like Cecily because she is true to her age She s young, makes bad decisions, is stubborn, has outbursts that are not completely thought out, and leads with her heart The characterization is spot on, the author did a great job making you believe Cecily was a real person.Callum Billionaire, loner, keeps people at a distance Has paid escorts with him at public functions Can t qui...

  4. Mr Bill says:

    Vigil by V.J Chambers is an adult superhero romance novel The twist other than being a very adult novel is the complex superhero character and his relationship to his counterpart, the supervillian seriel killer The superhero, rather than being the altruistic lifesaver of the usual superhero, is a regular Joe with a messed up past who has a notably higher confidence level when he hides behind his superhero spandex and a bankroll to buy whatever gadgets and training he might need The story revolves around an intern journalist who is determined to locate and bring to justice the sadistic serial killer of her best friend and former strip dancing colleage to justice This serial killer ends up being the supervillian of the story The superhero has made it his personal mission to try to protect any further women from becoming the next victim which efforts become hampered as the intern jour...

  5. Nicky says:

    So, I didn t quite know what to expect with this book Reading the summary, the guy seemed to be a lot like Oliver Queen from the TV show Arrow Sexy Damaged Billionaire Vigilante But that s where the similarities end And thankfully, this book didn t end up being a fanfic of the show Cecily Kane is in town to hunt down the man who killed her best friend When she runs into trouble, she s rescued by a masked man dressed in black She writes a newspaper article about him and he ends up with the name Vigil Vigil and Cecily fall instantly in lust and she wonders if they re both crazy Imagine her surprise when she realizes his alter ego is a man she hates, Callum Rutherford A billionaire playboy who is often seen with many women on his arm However, Cecily and Callum Vigil have to work together to catch the serial killer that killed her friend and many other women And they also have figure out what s between them personally Like I said, I wasn t sure what to expect with this There were parts that kind of creeped me out Like when she has sex with him, not knowing who he was, and he kept on his mask and costume, and that turned her own And how a lot of her decisions about her own life and career seemed based on her physical attract...

  6. Laura Greenwood says:

    Review forthcoming on received Vigil as a part of the Holding Out for a Superhero box set in exchange for my review.Cecily is an intern for the Aurora Sun Times and strikes lucky when she meets the masked vigilante, Vigil Both Vigil and Cecily want to catch and stop the serial murder that becomes known as the Phantom, and they both want to stop him for personal reasons, though neither will reveal why to the others Vigil can t deny the attraction he feels towards Cecily, and she can t deny it right back, leading to explosive passion despite them barely knowing each other But all that changes when Cecily accidentally discovers the identity of Vigil as none other than Callum Rutherford, playboy millionaire and celebrity of the town At first Cecily doesn t want anything to do with him, but slowly she comes to know the real Callum and then she just can t help herself.Well I m not really sure what to say about Vigil I started reading and my main thoughts were wait a second, isn t this the basic plot of Batman and yes in some ways I do think Vigil uses the basic plotline of Batman But it did start to pick up and I found that it was actually very easy to forget that and to let the story drag you along.Also there were several mentions, references and even events related to The Phantom of the Opera, which is one of my...

  7. Tracey (Life and Literature) says:

    He wore all black skin tight spandex that hugged every curve and bulge of his body He was hulking, huge His shoulders were broad, his gloved hands powerful and enormous He was wearing a mask that covered his nose and face, leaving only his lips and chin bare Cecily Kane is an intern at The Aurora Sun Times One night while out chasing a story regarding The Phantom and the many brutal murders that have been occurring, she meets a spandex wearing, masked vigilante Their attraction to each other is instant and even so after the masked man kisses her What she doesn t realize is that Vigil is the alter ego for Callum Rutherford A man she despises for his his large ego, sense of self importance and his blonde bimbo arm candy What will Cecily do when she finds out and how will she reconcile her feelings towards Vigil The whole time I was reading this all I could think about was Batman Hot, sexy, Batman I can t say that I ve ever been a Batman fan but it s quite possible that Vigil has made me one Oh mother of god, the crazy masked man was hard for me, and I liked it There is plenty of sex in this book Lots of very hot, descriptive sex, so if that s not your thing then definitely stay away from Vigil Cecily and Vigil had a hard time k...

  8. Tina says:

    3.5 Stars Interesting read, the description Fifty Shades of Batman is certainly a perfect fit I was really into the book in the beginning, but was a bit disappointed with the plot when it started focusing a bit on the romance between Callum Vigil and Cecily However, I don t think I can fault the book much on focusing a bit on the romance than the action since I m assuming this novel was intended to focus on erotic romance anyways so if that was the case, then it certainly did a great job.The characters were pretty frustrating in the middle of the novel Cecily tended to prioritize her relationship with Callum over the whole Phantom serial killer thing, Airenne s jealously over Cecily having a thing with Callum was absurd I d understand if it was like a friend or some random guy you just got to know, but a celebrity you barely know smh , and Callum was being a hypocrite Despite the fact that they sometimes made me want to tear my hair out, they were, for the most part, decent or likable throughout the novel.While the sex scenes certainly got me hot and heavy, the romance fell a bit flat for me I was a bit accepting at the end, but their interest in each other didn t seem to be anything than lust in the beginning Obviously has developed once the secrets come out so I m accept...

  9. Neliey says:

    Cecily will do whatever it takes to become a newspaper reporter She is always looking for a good story and that is how she ran into Vigil Suddenly she can t get enough of him She knows it s crazy to be attracted to a guy in a mask and maybe dangerous but she can t seem to help it When she discovers his identity their relationship hits a rocky patch There are so many complications with their relationship but neither one of them wants to let go Is it a good idea to mix business with pleasure Callum is always in the spotlight and he plays his playboy role well always giving the press what they want Every thing about his life is public until he becomes Vigil In his costume he can do anything and he is choosing to save girls who are suddenly becoming a target in the area He wants to defeat the Phantom and stop girls from dying Can he find a balance between the two things he wants His secret identity and Cecily.Both Cecily and Callum want to stop the Phantom but they are fuel...

  10. audrey says:

    A dark, complex romance about a journalist trying to gather evidence to expose the man who murdered her best friend She crosses paths with a masked vigilante becoming entangled in a complicated relationship with both his personas as they pursue the killer together Vigil is fun story with dark themes and an intricate romance The story possesses inspired elements from Batman and Phantom of the Opera It was fun identifying similarities and helped immerse the reader into the story because of its familiarity I thought the novel excelled at taking the framework and adding a different reinterpretation that created its own identity The characters were well developed and interesting The main character s ambition and profession were wonderfully captured The main love interest and antagonist had incredible depth and interesting back stories The prose was engaging and easy to read The story instilled mystery and suspense components wit...

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