Go Tell It on the Mountain

Go Tell It on the MountainMountain, Baldwin Said, Is The Book I Had To Write If I Was Ever Going To Write Anything Else Go Tell It On The Mountain, Originally Published In 1953, Is Baldwin S First Major Work, A Novel That Has Established Itself As An American Classic With Lyrical Precision, Psychological Directness, Resonating Symbolic Power, And A Rage That Is At Once Unrelenting And Compassionate, Baldwin Chronicles A Fourteen Year Old Boy S Discovery One Saturday In March Of 1935 Of The Terms Of His Identity As The Stepson Of The Minister Of A Pentecostal Storefront Church In Harlem Baldwin S Rendering Of His Protagonist S Spiritual, Sexual, And Moral Struggle Toward Self Invention Opened New Possibilities In The American Language And In The Way Americans Understand Themselves.

See this thread for information.James Arthur Baldwin was an American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and social critic.James Baldwin offered a vital literary voice during the era of civil rights activism in the 1950s and 60s He was the eldest of nine children his stepfather was a minister At age 14, Baldwin became a preacher at the small Fireside Pentecostal Church in Harlem In the early 1940s, he transferred his faith from religion to literature Critics, however, note the impassioned cadences of Black churches are still evident in his writing.

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  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • James Baldwin
  • English
  • 20 February 2018
  • 9780375701870

10 thoughts on “Go Tell It on the Mountain

  1. Jimmy says:

    When I was vacationing in Chicago recently, I went to a used bookstore and saw some James Baldwin books I ve heard many good things about him, so I decided to get this book an old paperback edition not the white one pictured above for 5.The next morning, flipping through my stack of newly purchased books, I noticed to my amazement that this book was signed And signed For Jimmy Unbelievable For Jimmy or be that James Peace, James Baldwin So I felt like it was fate that brought this book into my hands, this book which had as its subject matter fate So what could it mean What is the universe trying to tell me Am I looking at a double fucking rainbow The distant gramophone stuck now, suddenly, on a grinding, wailing, sardonic trumpet note this blind, ugly crying swelled the moment and filled the room She looked down at John A hand somewhere struck the gramophone arm and sent the silver needle on its way through the whirling, black grooves, like something bobbing, anchorless, in the middle of the sea p 219.What I love about this book, and what I feel a lot of people reviewing this book on Goodreads have misinterpreted about it, is that this book does not have an agenda on race, religion, class, violence, or sexuality This book is about these things, but they are never in the driver s seat, because the characters are The characters are the glue between the interconnectedness of race and religion and class and violence and sexuality, and they show h...

  2. Darwin8u says:

    There are people in the world for whom coming along is a perpetual process, people who are destined never to arrive James Baldwin, Go Tell It on the MountainThis was a slow read In terms of pages and words it was a small book, but the river was deep and fierce Baldwin is throwing out big themes on family, religion, race, sex This isn t a beach read It is a hard pew read in an unconditioned, hellfire and damnation church I would read 40 pages and have to take a day to recover emotionally THIS book is why I read fiction Look I am white on white, again and again Seriously, I took the 23andme.com DNA spit test and I am pretty deep into the white gene hole How else, besides brilliant narrative fiction, am I going to understand anything about being black or being a black pentecostal WITHOUT reading Baldwin Baldwin s use of repetition was amazing I haven t read recently other than Moby Dick a novel that appears t...

  3. Michael says:

    A coming of age tale about race, religion, and endurance, Go Tell It on the Mountain sketches a nuanced portrait of a single Black family struggling to survive in Harlem John is the fourteen year old queer stepson of a self righteous minister Friendless and strange looking, the boy wants nothing than to escape his neighborhood and attain prestige adding to his troubles is the fact that his family s forgotten his birthday, distracted by their daily toil The first and last part of the novel follow John as he battles his growing awareness of his sexuality, as well as his resentment toward his life in New York The second part takes place in a church, where John undergoes a fit of piety, and it explores the inner lives of the three adults closest to John his stepfather, aunt, and mother In labyrinthine prose, Baldwin gives voice to the longings and regrets of each main character, vividly portraying how they became adults i...

  4. Lisa says:

    Religion, Race, Gender, Sexuality That is a powerful, strong cocktail mix of a story for sure, sung as a mourning prayer or a long orgasmic sensation In the character of Gabriel, all that is abusive, hypocritical and evil in Christianity is united in one patriarchal god copy He ranges with the worst priests in Dostoevsky s dark universe of punishment and suffering, he resembles the preacher in Elmer Gantry s style who scares his family and congregation with his vivid descriptions of sin leading to eternal burning in hell for everyone except for himself, the worst sinner of all who allows himself to find a sign from a conveniently lenient god that says he is saved despite all, while all the rest are lost, and most of all the women who suffer for his sake Angry he made me, Gabriel Somewhat surprisingly so, as I thought I was beyond that kind of fury at the brutal injustice of men playing god s henchmen.And yet the novel is beautiful It is full of strong and honest people Like Florence, who won t bow to the power of unjust, violent men And there is Elizabeth, who is scared and alone but knows that she would choose her passionate love over the petty dominance of god any time And there is John, who looks for a supernatural father as a substitute for the real one that he can t reach Beyond my anger and rage, reading of everyday racism, violence, misogyny and abuse in the name of religion, I s...

  5. Elyse Walters says:

    It s John s 14th birthday.his family would forget without his mentioning it It s a Sunday Every Sunday the Grimes family walks to church where his father is deacon It s not the biggest or largest church, but John was brought up to believe it was the holiest and best Everyone had always said John would be a preacher when he grew up, just like his father the abusive preacher stepfather we soon learn.It s New York during the depression for this African American family We see how religion plays a positive and negative role in the lives of everyone in John s family This semi autobiograph...

  6. BlackOxford says:

    Jail or Church At age 14 I had a similar epiphany to that of James Baldwin I too realised that my parents were only human beings, and that their fallibility left me vulnerable to the world If I were to survive, it would have to be on terms that were yet to be determined I recall it as a trauma And I was neither gay nor black But I was brought up as well in New York City to know that the world was sinful and dangerous And jails and churches did bound the same spectrum of choice in my adolescent mind.John Grimes is a Harlem Prometheus, pushing his life uphill, and endlessly having it roll back to the same point of virtual extermination I can always climb back up, he thinks Because he is young But the unforgiving, violent gnosticism of his father is something difficult to overcome than even the unforgiving racism and homophobia of his city The city might give the occasional break to a talented, intelligent, ambitious black boy But the ingrained suspicion and fear of divine judgement created by his father Never Hell seemed closer than one s own family and it had far patience.The only way to avoid Hell was to get laid low by the Lord, to give up entirely one s am...

  7. Cheryl says:

    He gives me music in words, and I fall for each note When Baldwin juxtaposes hope and despair, he makes me fall in step with his professionally performed melancholic waltz Genius he is, with words and emotions and sound and sensibility With this pocket sized book, I read as I walked around a lecture room administering exams, as I waited in my office between appointments, and while I paced a Center, collecting a state mandatory writing proficiency test Bind me with Baldwin and watch me smile through tears as I reach for the serenity hidden beneath the hectic He encapsulated physical and psychological struggle in Giovanni s Room, and this is what he also does well in this novel Go tell it on the mountain if you re familiar with the old spiritual, you know how this phrase ends it is faith in a capsule, this phrase The mountain as symbolism is sprinkled throughout the novel, signifying the downtrodden s struggle to reach the mountaintop, and the hope that he or she will someday reach it consider the title of Dr King s famous Mountai...

  8. Fabian says:

    More mystical readable than the other biggie of Harlem literature, Invisible Man , the tale told here is like a prism that breaks up into different lights, different lives filled to the brim with hardship The Grimes family is led by the patriarch who is a fanatic Members of the family struggle to find their own religion by their own means The father is the bad guy because he s so blinded by his devotion that nothing else even comes second.There are brief glimpses into the racial is...

  9. Perry says:

    O er Tympany and TrumpetsPublished in 1953, James Baldwin s first major work was this scorching autobiographical novel of his salvific struggles as a teen in 1930s Harlem He said this is the book I had to write if I was ever going to write anything else The novel centers on a 14 year old John and Gabriel, his evangelical step father, whose reserved demeanor as a storefront preacher belies his domineering and physically abusive ways John fights against this pietistic tyrant and his world, one in which a confused 14 year old cannot view anything without his eyes colored by the church and his religion and in which he commits sins by his very nature of being In prose that I can almost see flaming over tympany and trumpets, at times lyrical, at others Biblically poetic in painting John s internal struggles and Gabriel s inner demons, and even casting literary spells with verses from African American hymns and spiritual songs, such as the eponymous song, and epideictic language of the evangelical church.The nov...

  10. Jr Bacdayan says:

    There will come a point in a young person s life when he will have to come face to face with the reality that his faith and his fascination with the world are clashing against each other and vying for the soul he so cherishes The faith, the church, the temple, the mosque, the synagogue, they deny the world and wash themselves of anything in it that might stain the purity of their holy robes The world, in turn, enchants and invalidates the faith till the faith is extinguished and the world is all that is left A youth is faced with the choice will he devote his life to faith and turn his back on the world or will his world expand and his faith erode Go tell it on the Mountain encapsulates the journey that every young person born in the faith will have to take and the road he will tread whether that may be leading to spiritual maturity or secular awakening It tells the story of a black Christian family set in the tumultuous community of Harlem in the 30s John and Roy are young boys filled with hatred for their father, a reverend, and his moralistic and authoritarian way of raising them Reverend Gabriel prohi...

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