Earth Awakens

Earth AwakensThe Story Of The First Formic War Continues In Earth Awakens.Nearly 100 Years Before The Events Of Orson Scott Card S Bestselling Novel Ender S Game, Humans Were Just Beginning To Step Off Earth And Out Into The Solar System A Thin Web Of Ships In Both Asteroid Belts A Few Stations A Corporate Settlement On Luna No One Had Seen Any Sign Of Other Space Faring Races Everyone Expected That First Contact, If It Came, Would Happen In The Future, In The Empty Reaches Between The Stars Then A Young Navigator On A Distant Mining Ship Saw Something Moving Too Fast, Heading Directly For Our Sun.When The Alien Ship Screamed Through The Solar System, It Disrupted Communications Between The Far Flung Human Mining Ships And Supply Stations, And Between Them And Earth So Earth And Luna Were Unaware That They Had Been Invaded Until The Ship Pulled Into Earth Orbit, And Began Landing Terra Forming Crews In China Politics And Pride Slowed The Response On Earth, And On Luna, Corporate Power Struggles Seemed Urgent Than Distant Deaths But There Are A Few Men And Women Who See That If Earth Doesn T Wake Up And Pull Together, The Planet Could Be Lost.

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10 thoughts on “Earth Awakens

  1. Thomas Edmund says:

    Many have criticized the First Formic war for crummy physics, shallow political cultural analysis, and prose that feels like the novelization of a comic book Those criticisms will not be deferred by the arrival of this book Even if, like me, you enjoyed the first installments of this trilogy, I suspect you ll find Awakens to be somewhat of a disappointment.My first criticism is that it appears that rather than put together an original, or create A unique spin on well trodden sci fi tropes, Orson Scott Card or is that just Mr Johnston opt instead to fill the pages of Awakens with numerous cliche s SPOILERS AHEAD fighter ships flying into ventilation shafts, scientists inventing counter agents to the Formic s poison with high school chemistry The heroes bravely fighting each other over who will risk their lives to attack the mother ship I thought Unaware at least had some originality, and Afire made Earth s situation seem genuinely dire Awakens felt like I was reading a novel stitched together from Star Wars, Independence Day, and StarCraft.Perhaps worse than mere cliche s is the lack of real tension in the plot All the characters simply work from whoa to go, Mazer is the consumate soldier, Victor understands stuff about spaceships, and Lem continues his journey from amoral brat to actually OK guy Lem s character perhaps presented the most interesting development through the novels, however his personality changes in Awakens are so contrived, his father such a stereotype, that this part of book was sub par too The next frustrating part of the this conclusionary novel is the neutering of the Formic forces After annihilating countless spaceships and human lives, the main characters find out a few factoids about the ships and somehow this leads to them essentially being able to take over the mothership without much fuss than a few firefights Considering the size of the Formic vessel and the weirdness of the technology I found it impossible to believe the level of detail Victor was able to give to the strike team when taking over the ship and how little attempt was given to make this part of the book exciting In fact looking back to recall the novel I found myself feeling slightly betrayed Shouldn t a trilogy equaling 1000 pages draw together several plots into an intricate finale that only works because of each characters unique contribution I couldn t see the point of Rena s story other than to depict racist ideas about Somali Pirates in space and while Victor and Jem s relationship had one interesting bump, the majority of the time these former enemies simply just did whatever was needed advance the story Despite having nothing to do with Jem or Victor, Mazor and Wit were dragged into the final plan simply by Jem sending an email and having endless cash.My Ultimate problem with this trilogy lies with the author note in book 1 I was promised insight into how the human race gets to the point in Ender s Game where children can be used so ruthlessly as Ender and countless other children were All the First Formic war gave me was a rather basic development of when aliens attack the world will unite their military and a brief suggestion of the beginnings of the program Ender is part of.Normally I try to end a negative review with some positive points of the novel, but must confess I m struggling with Awakens, the humor was off and at times incredibly cheesy, all the characters had Daddy issues, which I could not tell if this was about the authors problems or just a desperate attempt to make the characters appear deep Even the mere act of writing this review has made me deduct stars to the point where if memory serves Earth Awakens may have the ignoble honor of being my first one star review for the year.

  2. Jack says:

    I was going to write this long review addressing some of the criticism, but the simple truth is that a I m way too lazy for that, and b I am just in too much awe over this book to do anything but gush about it Each of the characters really popped off the page The pacing was quick I am just amazed at what Card and Johnston were able to do with this trilogy They take a pre established universe and works within it to create a world that doesn t contradict what was previously laid out Ender s Game was written in the late 70s Obviously technology hasn t progressed in the last 35 years exactly as was laid out in Ender s Game, so going back and writing a prequel novel that takes place in what is now our not too distant future must have been quite the challenge, just on the science front Not to mention that, from page one, the reader already knows how it all ends So, instead of taking our world and writing an alien invasion story that will appeal to the general masses, Card and Johnston take an alternate version of Earth from the Enderverse, turn back the clock, and show us the secrets behind the scenes Though, I ve been amazed with this aspect of the series from the beginning I should probably talk about something specific to this book Okay, um The characters I think that if I had to choose my favorite part about the book it s just how much the characters popped off the page and made my like them, which didn t always happen in the previous books Every single POV felt unique and I found myself just shaking my head, knowing that none of these people would have come together this way under normal circumstances This isn t exactly a groundbreaking plot device, but Card and Johnston handle it expertly, making you really feel just how different each and every one of the heroes is from the others I listened to the audio book about half the time, and a huge kudos to all of them for really bringing the rather large cast of characters to life Anyway, I loved it Just heard that there s another trilogy in the making depicting the Second Formic Wars Can t wait for that now

  3. Laura says:

    MORE MAZER RACKHAM MORE MAZER RACKHAM I would like of a focus on Mazer Rackham

  4. Jim Kahn says:

    The third book in the prequel series to the original Enders Game series, the book is worth the read to fans of the Ender universe but once again it falls far short of the quality of the originals Card seems to have given up any pretense at writing compelling and realistic dialog each character has the identical sarcastic juvenile sense of humor and manners of speaking which makes it impossible to develop any sort of attachment Card also has given up on any pretense of hard science fiction, playing fast and loose with the laws of physics and tilting this towards space opera This is not inherently a bad thing, but it is a departure from his original masterpieces I find myself continuing to read this series in spite of the fact that these books are fundamentally mediocre at best If nothing else, the shallow and superficial nature of these books makes them quick and easy to read even though I am disappointed in their quality I would still reluctantly recommend reading these to fans of the originals, but absolutely would not recommend this to those who have not yet read the originals this would probably turn them off forever and they would never enjoy the brilliance of Enders Game, Speaker for the Dead, etc.

  5. Mandy Bellm says:

    Fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series So excited to hear there is a trilogy in the works for the Second Formic War Not going to be able to wait for the year s in between each one though

  6. Christopher Chiarino says:

    I rarely review the books I read but this one was worth the time Card does a great job giving the reader what they want It described everything that happen in great detail I really enjoyed Mazer and Bing it reminded me of Ender s experience with Mazer Also there was a great plug for the second Formic War I bet Bing s school will become Battle School

  7. Mike says:

    Couldn t wait until this one came out and sped right through it Just ok and not up to the standards set by the first two books in the series 2 Stars It felt mechanical, not original and fresh The story lines were not as tension packed and interesting as the leading books Enjoyed it but not near as much as I hoped.

  8. Eric Allen says:

    Earth AwakensThe First Formic War book 3By Orson Scott Card and Aaron JohnsonA review by Eric AllenThe previous book ended with Victor on his way into the Formic mothership, and Mops having destroyed one of the Formic landers in China We pick back up almost immediately afterward, which Victor s infiltration When it goes horribly awry, he returns to the moon with a new plan, which he recruits Mazer Rakham and Mops to help him with They must sabotage the Formic Mothership from within before the Formics in China can do , irreparable damage, and kill millions of innocent people But this invasion may turn out to be only the beginning of a much larger conflict.The good The ending is pretty exciting and action packed, and the book is relatively well written This was a pretty good ending to the trilogy that ties up loose ends and gives a pretty good teaser for the Second Invasion Old school Ender fans will know what that is A lot of the way the world is set up in Ender s Game comes about at the end of this book It shows the origins of the battle school sort of where the triumverate of Polermark, Strategos, and Hegemon came from, and so on.The bad About two thirds of this book doesn t really have much reason to exist It s just filler that ultimately leads nowhere I don t really care about the survivors of El Cavador They played their part in the story, and they re not doing anything interesting enough, or relevant enough, to justify how much of the book is spent on them I don t care about know it all Chinese orphans who contribute exactly nothing to the plot but yet take up half of the book for some reason Especially Chinese orphans that are eight years old and talk like they re forty Seriously, read like ANY of this kid s dialog and tell me if you ve EVER met a kid his age that talks like this.There just wasn t enough of the story left to justify a third volume So the writers got out the padding and used it liberally In my opinion, the relevant parts of this book could have easily been added to the end of the second volume for a much tighter and enjoyable ending without so much pointless padding.In conclusion, this is an adequate ending to the trilogy It gets the job done, teases with the Second Invasion, and ties things in better with Ender s Game However, it gets bogged down in superfluous subplots that don t really go anywhere and don t really serve much purpose except to pad the word count The authors tried to stretch for a third volume, but in my opinion they stretched too little story too far and it ended up being a book that is largely made up of boring, irrelevant padding If you enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy, you ll probably enjoy this one, it wasn t a bad ending, it just had a lot of pointless filler that really didn t need to be there As I always say, a good story can be told in a single page if that s as long as it needs to be You take away from it by adding Check out my other reviews.

  9. John Sorensen says:

    I like Card and his books This book focuses on closing out the story lines and ending the trilogy This is accomplished with efficiency and is well done I was satisfied not only with how the story lines ended, but they felt organic and credible given the way the characters would have behaved This story focused a bit on the story and less on the science and physics the first 2 3rds of the book However, in the last 1 3 of the book machine guns in free fall are just a bad, stupid idea The physics just do not work as described It is junk science and physics No effort seems to have been spent over the entire trilogy on making a plausible use of common sense physics Satisfying conclusion to trilogy 4 stars Junk physics that is just wildly inexcusable 1 star 3 stars If you just HAVE to read everything by Card like me read it If you are on the fence about this trilogy skip it if you want to read it anyways story is okay note the ridiculous physics throughout.

  10. Jarrett Piner says:

    Such a satisfying book I had major worries when I learned that Card was writing prequels to Ender s Game, and am so glad he and his co author wrote these An absolute MUST READ for any fans of the Enderverse.Buy it and read it but only after reading the first two

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