Curse of the Seer

Curse of the Seer Everyone Thinks Eli Is Afraid Of The Dark, And They Re Right But It S Not Because He Can T See In The Dark It S Because He Can After His Father Is Murdered By Kingsguard Mice, Eli Is Tortured And Condemned To Death With The Help Of Tira Nor S Old Seer, AlBaer, Eli Escapes His Executioners And Discovers That His Mother, Who Was Sold Into Slavery In Cadrid Years Before, May Still Be Alive Finding And Saving Her Becomes His Passion, But Can He Survive Slavery, Cruel Taskmasters, Foreign Armies, The Hatred Of His Own People, And Even Death Itself AlBaer Can T Or Won T Protect Him From The Supernatural Evil That Stalks Him, And Eli Must Try To Unravel The Seer S Curse Alone.

Daniel Schwabauer, MA, is the creator of THE ONE YEAR ADVENTURE NOVEL, COVER STORY, and BYLINE creative writing courses His professional work includes novels, stage plays, radio scripts, short stories, newspaper columns, comic books and scripting for the PBS animated series Auto B Good His young adult novels, RUNT THE BRAVE and RUNT THE HUNTED, have received numerous awards, including the 2005 B

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  • Curse of the Seer
  • Daniel Schwabauer
  • 16 November 2018
  • 9780899578507

10 thoughts on “Curse of the Seer

  1. R. G. Nairam says:

    It s weird to finally read a book you ve waited so long to read 6 years.It s even harder to evaluate it.This one had zingers, truth punching in the gut kind of moments, which I loved It is relevant to my life and to my country, and it both hurts and soothes I m still wrapping my mind around the plot, and feel like I probably won t get a good idea of how I like or don t like it until I read i...

  2. Collin says:

    It s hard to believe that I found Runt the Brave almost eight years ago I have all the nostalgic feelings.Curse of the Seer is very different from both Runt books This is most definitely not a negative comment Eli is a great character I know he s a mouse, but he s very human This is a book with a religious aspect but it doesn t shy away from hard emotions, complex motivations, injustice, broken heroes, or the agony inflicted by evil and indifference it embraces all of them, and all of them are reflected in Eli, both in him and done to him I loved his anger and his bitterness and his reluctance to accept what was best and meant for him I was always fond of JaRed and his disbelieving humility the best snarky mouse but Eli is such a little snot, such an understandable piece of work that it s hard not to call him my new favorite So much happens to him Ugh It hurt...

  3. Nicole says:

    It took a long time for me to get this book And I mean a long time I started watching for it as soon as I finished the Runt books Then with the continually delayed release date and some trouble from Barnes and Noble, I started to wonder if I would ever get it.Eli is feisty and stubborn and prideful He isn t as good and sweet and strong as JaRed, but he is just as easy to identify with In spite of this I didn t like the book quite as much as I liked the first two books which isn t to say it wasn t a good book, because it was I went into JaRed s stories without a clue that they were an allegory, and I really enjoyed them when I realized that they were I went into Curse of the Seer expecting and anticipating an allegory, and trying to figure out which Biblical story the book was telling Maybe it s because everyone is so much familiar with David and Goliath, but I found Runt s allegories easier to pick out I knew pretty quickly that Glyn the Strong was Samson, but it took me a while to decide that Eli must be Elijah That s what I get for not being as familiar with the story of Elijah I did find m...

  4. Jane Maree says:

    Wow I loved this from the very front cover It s pure amazing in 265 pages There is truth and beauty woven through the story in such a perfect way This is one of the times where I almost wish there was a than five star rating Loved it all 100000000%Eli was a great character, his uncertainty and struggles were all so real and personal From the very first moment I connected with him How he didn t even know who he was, he d worn masks and disguises for too long to know It was all just SO GOOD ElShua is brilliantly true and I loved the history and legends that really came out in this book.The allegory was really well done There were threads of blinding truth and faith woven throughout the entire story, beautifully entwining to create something truly amazing.Kalla and all the lost souls were really interesting The whole Seer idea really intrigued me from the first and I completely loved it.From the very first page I was instantly drawn into the story and it was page turning the whole way I completely lived the story Mr S has a stunningly beautiful style and I honestly feel like this is a book series I could re read for the rest of my life.I cannot recommend this series enough It is packed with amazing truths, epic action and will always leave me wanting If I could, I d totally rate this 5 gajillion stars PaTri thought I feared the darkness for it s own sake, because of what the darkness might hide But that wasn t my problem at all It was what the darkness reve...

  5. Wayne Walker says:

    Eli, son of LiDel, lives in the once free and prosperous city of Tira Nor, now ruled by the evil King Ahaz and Queen IsaBel Eli is afraid of the dark However, it s not because he can t see in the dark but because he can The King and Queen want LiDel s property, so they have their kingsguard soldiers murder him while Eli is tortured and also condemned to death However, he escapes his executioners with the help of Tira Nor s old seer, AlBaer, whom many believe to be a luntic Becoming AlBaer s apprentice seer, he learns that his mother, who had been sold into slavery in Cadrid years before, may still be alive, so he is sent there but himself is taken as a slave Then Cadrid declares war on Tira Nor and AlBaer disappears What will happen to Eli Is there anything that he can do And how will he cope with the seer s curse The Curse of the Seer is Book 3 in the Legends of Tira Nor Series The first two books, Runt the Brave and Runt the Hunted, are drawn from the Biblical account of David Book 3 takes place at a later time and ...

  6. Clare Farrelly says:

    I really enjoyed this, book is it magical, mysterious and page turning The characters were very interesting and real, and though the plot followed the biblical story the book is based off it was still full of surprises and interesting differences So it was a really good allegory too as well...

  7. Adrienne Organa says:

    My favorite in the Tira Nor series Daniel Schwabauer is an incredible author This story is very immersive, as well as inspiring and uplifting.

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