CrescendoANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE For Best Audiobook 2014One Dead Woman.A Missing Child.The Diabolic Father Who Will Do Anything To Get His Son Back.The Female Cop Who Risks Everything To Keep The Boy Safe.CRESCENDO Redemption With A Bullet.As The Only Female Native American Officer On The Bryson City, North Carolina Police Force, Inola Walela, Must Always Play Her A Game All Bets Are Off When During A Routine Traffic Stop The Passenger Insists Her Son Has Been Kidnapped But Is Struck By A Car Before Inola Can Glean Any Hard Facts An Altercation Ensues And Inola S Partner Is Felled By A Bullet Possibly From Her Gun On Administrative Leave, Fraught With Guilt For Allegedly Killing Her Partner, And Obsessed With The Possibility Of A Missing Child Out There Somewhere, She Defies The Force And Her Fianc , Sheriff Steven Hawk Inola Sets Off On Her Own Journey To Find The Missing Boy.

CRESCENDO narrated by TV and film actress

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  • Paperback
  • 338 pages
  • Crescendo
  • Deborah J. Ledford
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9780989780025

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  1. Malcolm says:

    In music, crescendo indicates a gradual increase in force or loudness If Deborah J Ledford s three book Steven Hawk Inola Walela Thriller Series Staccato, 2009, Snare, 2010, Crescendo, 2013 were a concerto, the audience would leave the concert hall at the end of the performance electrified by the force of the third movement and the virtuosity of soloist Inola Walela Crescendo Second Wind Publishing, January 27 begins with great force when antagonists Preston Durand and private investigator Hondo Polk push Billy Carlton to tell them what he knows about the location of Durand s son and ex wife The book s volume increases when Inola s partner is killed during a traffic stop by a bullet that might have come from her gun and a female passenger in the stopped car is struck and killed by another vehicle just after she says, I got you the money Where is my son Though she s a decorated Bryson City, North Carolina police officer, Inola is put on administrative leave pending a departmental investigation into the deaths at the scene She s told to stay away from the investigation, including trying follow up on her gut feeling that the woman s son has been kidnapped Inola s fianc Steven Hawk, now the county sheriff, wants to play everything by the book He tells Inola that there s no evidence of a kidnapping and the city police and county sheriff s departments can t take action until evidence and leads, if any, materialize and she is to stay home.Readers of the Steven Hawk Inola Walela Series were introduced to Inola in Staccato when Hawk, who was a sheriff s deputy then, first became aware of her Hawk had noticed Inola Walela, the only female cop on the Bryson City police force She was captivating, beautiful, smart, tough, exactly what he hoped to find in a woman Inola, who played a larger, but secondary, role in Snare, is Ledford s on the hot seat protagonist in Crescendo. She comes into her own in this tense novel as a three dimensional, risk taking police officer who needs to find the young woman s son and who has kidnapped him even though she may be suspended or terminated regardless of what she learns.This is a richly told psychological and physical thriller Ledford, who knows her characters and her settings well, increases the volume of this story until the last shot is fired.

  2. Deborah Ledford says:

    2014 ANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE FOR BEST AUDIOBOOKCRESCENDO is book three of my Steven Hawk Inola Walela suspense series set in the Great Smoky Mountains, of western North Carolina.I hope you enjoy this journey of the only Native American female police officer of a small North Carolina town searching for a child no one but her believes is missing CRESCENDO Redemption with a bullet.Read by TV and film actress Christina Cox Dexter, NCIS, The Chronicles of Riddick, Elysium, Better Than Chocolate, Nikki Nora , the audiobook is produced by IOF Productions Ltd.Deborah J Ledford

  3. Pascal Marco says:

    I think what I like most about Deborah J Ledford s writing is her ability to bring the reader right into her story from the first five pages She paints descriptions of her settings in all of her books, including SNARE STACCATO, the previous two books in the Inola Walela Steven Hawk trilogy, that make you feel you re right there This was especially true in CRESCENDO, taking the reader to a small, and maybe somewhat backward hamlet in the mountains of North Carolina, someplace this reader has never been.I especially liked that she had her villain s hale from Chicago, my birthplace What better juxtaposition than to throw two heinous, street smart Chicago thugs into a rustic setting and take them totally out of their comfort zone as they take a road trip crime spree The tension Ledford ramps up through the final third of the book keeps you guessing as to which side will win, good or evil, her excellent thriller writing style keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very final pages And it s not often a writer can make you root for a shotgun toting grandma, wishing like begging for the kind old lady to blast the bad guy to kingdom come.If you re a fan of classic thriller writing, this book s for you.

  4. Aaron Lazar says:

    Crescendo, book three in the Steven Hawk Inola Walela psychological suspense thriller series, follows in the fast paced and mesmerizing tradition of Staccato and Snare, the first and second books in the series.I m not going to rehash the plot here, because there are already a plethora of summaries in reviews previously posted What I do enjoy writing about, however, is the reaction I have to novels, and how the characters or plot affected me personally I know, it s a bit narcissistic, but those are the types of reviews I like to read, not just plot rehashes o Since I read the first book in the series, Staccato, I ve loved the character Inola, a Native American cop who s constantly having to prove herself to her police department colleagues in the relatively backwoods town of the Bryson City, North Carolina In spite of her stubborn nature, her inability to communicate with those she truly loves Steven and her grandmother, Elisi , and her insistence on going out on her own despite obvious dangers that threaten you can t help but love her Tough, focused, and smart, she s everything you d want in a heroine I particularly enjoyed her vulnerability in this book re the evil villain s charms When she is told her bullet most likely killed her best friend and partner, Cody, she is understandably traumatized She s removed from her job, believes she is responsible for Cody s death, and is obsessed over the mention of a missing child at the scene of the accident that opens the story These three items weaken her confidence and resolve, and she s inexplicably drawn to a fellow sympathetic listener, Preston, who happens to be a delicious villain Preston a wonderful actor charms her into his arms Problem is, Inola s currently living with and involved in a relationship with the rugged black Sheriff, Steven Hawk There were many memorable scenes, including Inola s visit to the villain s hotel room, the shivery cold chase scenes through the woods, and the amusing scenes with the IT jailbird who is released to help out the cops My favorites, however, were those showcasing Inola s grandmother Elisi and the young abandoned boy they rescue from a hotel room Her loving attention to this boy broke my heart, and I felt instantly moved Although it seems Elisi didn t connect with Inola when she was delivered to her to be raised, she apparently has grown and changed over time, and has a great deal of love to share.I have recently learned that Ms Ledford is planning a fourth book in the series hurray Recommended by Aaron Paul Lazar,

  5. Natalie says:

    Officer Inola Wilela finds herself amidst a tumultuous sea of havoc and uncertainty that begins with what seems like a straightforward traffic stop and turns into a battle to save a young boy The father of the boy, a manipulative mad man, begins a relentless pursuit to find his son so he can cash in on his inheritance Inola vows to keep the boy safe but he is determined to locate the boy at any cost, no matter how much violence and bloodshed ensues Inola, being the only female police officer for the Bryson City force in North Carolina, is no stranger to psychological competition, but can her fortitude and strength of mind help her keep it together through the raging chaos in both her professional and personal life Together, with the help of her fianc Sheriff Hawk, an ex con of a computer whiz and a streak of luck or two, Inola vows to bring the mad man down even if it means costing her the badge she so dearly loves.This police procedural hits the ground running and keeps the action moving During the few breaks in the action, readers learn about Inola, what makes her tick, her thoughts and her dreams I appreciate the author s ability to capture that we, as humans, often misjudge what others think of us and that sometimes we must take chances to rectify the mistakes we make The story moves along quickly, but even so, I was routing for Inola and her comrades and finding myself getting and attached to their personalities and abhorring the villain increasingly as the story went on all signs of a well written story The last scene admittedly made me cry indicating I was definitely in tune with the characters.It was a first read for me by Deborah Ledford and I would definitely read another especially if it meant I could find out how Inola and Steven Hawk s relationship develops I would warn readers that there is some strong language in this one, but violence and crime usually lend themselves to this in general.Christina Cox narrates and does quite a good job reading the story, but if you are expecting much in the way of character voices it is not quite there I found her tone and pace to be right on the mark, but I had hoped for a bit when it came to the actual voices This is my personal preference and I would not discourage anyone from this narration as she does a fine job of relaying the story in a genuine manner.Overall I would rate this one at 4 stars which for me means Very good book I enjoyed it, perhaps even had a hard time putting it down I would recommend this book to others.

  6. Rob says:

    Inola Walela, half Cherokee Native American, and the first Bryson City female officer to be awarded the Medal Of Honor, is highly respected by all She is training new officer Cody Edwards, and building a life with her companion, Steven Hawk, who happens to be the newly elected Sheriff of Swain County, North Carolina They are a branded as controversial, with she being part Native American, and he being African American They bravely forge ahead Renowned actress Christina Cox narrates Deborah J Ledford s sensational new police crime novel, Crescendo the third installment in the Inola Walela and Steven Hawk trilogy on audio CD Ms Cox, well known for portraying police investigators in TV movies, displays another of her formidable talents with a mesmerizing performance As the story opens, a very bad man has followed his ex wife to North Carolina to find and take his young son back to to Chicago After grabbing he boy and leaving the area, the man and his accomplice are involved in a traffic accident on the expressway. Inola and Cody arrive to investigate, and the lives of everyone at the scene are changed forever Some are ended After a bloody shoot out, Inola s gun is seized and she is ordered to stand down from the force by her chief But too much has happened, the horror of the incident haunts her, and she disregards his order Sheriff Hawk reluctantly aids with her rogue efforts to find the young boy and to solve murders related to the incident A page turning, fire brand of a police procedural crime novel explodes from its launch pad and picks up speed as it streaks ahead The author has complete control of all aspects of he story the complexity of police investigations, and the officer s struggle to remain in control The torture of choosing to proceed despite a lack of clear authority in life and death situations that must be dealt with instantly The rough and tumble humor cops nonchalantly engage in while blood is being spilled and people are being killed It s just part of the job As a former police detective, I can attest to the accuracy and reality of Crescendo As a fan of great writing, I can eagerly recommend this book to all The Inola Walela Steven Hawk trilogy is one worth studying, as well as being read, by crime mystery fans.

  7. Randy says:

    CRESCENDO was quite a find for me As a North Carolina resident, I always enjoy novels set in the state The third in a series featuring Inola Walela, half Cherokee officer of The Bryson City Police Department, and Steven Hawk, sheriff of the county and her boy friend Set in the Great Smokies, Inola and her rookie partner make a stop when they spot a blond haired woman acting frantically pass them by.A huge man comes out of the driver s seat and her partner takes him back to their unit while she checks on the woman She seems dazed, possibly drugged, as she piles out of the car muttering about her son and carrying a bag full of cash When the driver starts up, Inola gets distracted, especially after a shot is fired and puts one into the driver The woman wanders out into traffic and is hit by a car, dying instantly.In just a couple of minutes, two are dead, her partner may be dying, and Inola is under suspicion of actually hitting her partner She didn t remember, but two shots had been fired from her gun and she s worried she might be the one who d hit her partner.On administrative leave while the investigation is on, no one believes there is a missing child Inola can t leave it alone though and keeps sticking herself into the investigation, trying to find the child and wanting to know if her bullet was the one that hit her partner.Author Deborah J Ledford keeps the suspense ramped up as the case moves along and some disturbing things come to light I liked this one and definitely need to get the first two.

  8. Margaret says:

    Crescendo plunges the reader into a plot propelled by two obsessed characters Inola, the heroine, is the only Native American officer on the Bryson City, North Carolina police force She feels she constantly has to prove herself, especially after a particularly traumatic traffic stop in which her partner is shot Put on administrative leave, Inola can t rest until she avenges her partner She also has to rescue a child who seems to be missing but whose identity or even existence can t be confirmed Pitted against Inola is Preston, who is fanatically determined to find the child for his own purposes Chapters alternate between Inola and Preston, tension building as the characters progress toward their clashing goals These driven personalities are contrasted with the calmer, logical Sheriff Steven Hawk, Inola s lover, who is trying to help her yet solve the crimes within the system.This suspense novel will satisfy readers who want a plot fueled by the characters wants and needs, not simply by outside forces Set in the mountains of North Carolina, the story relies on strong individuals who thrive in a rugged yet beautiful environment Ledford uses the conflicts of different law enforcement branches to show how people in rural communities work together even when they disagree.

  9. Tim Jin says:

    I think that I have an new female author that I want to follow Deborah J Ledford writes Crescendo to be a fast pace, suspense, murder, thriller I don t have that many female authors in my library, because I find most of them focus on the characters emotions a bit too much, where the plot becomes muddle after a while Crescendo comes out firing from the gate and cut through the chase and gets through the good parts Unlike other authors, Ledford builds the female character too be strong and reliance Just because the main character is a cop, working in a male dominated workforce, Inola plays her role accordingly as a veteran officer There is very little touchy feelings in her role, but she doesn t come off a typical cop either It s just a good balance of being feminine and harsh at the same time Outstanding character development for a murder mystery and detective genre The first two books aren t in audio yet I really hope that they publish the those early books in the series because I want to know about Inola s romantic relationship and how the bathroom renovation came about.

  10. Sam Barone says:

    Always a gripping psychological thriller from Ledford She knows how to make you turn the page This time Inola must protect a boy from his father, who is willing to murder anyone who gets in the way of his attempt to kidnap the boy from his terrified mother And this time Inola is in the way Good page turner.

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