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アフターアワーズ 2Amazing EPub, 2 Author Yuhta Nishio This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book 2, Essay By Yuhta Nishio Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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[Ebook] ↠ アフターアワーズ 2 Author Yuhta Nishio – Horsebackridingnewmexico.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • アフターアワーズ 2
  • Yuhta Nishio
  • Japanese
  • 12 June 2018
  • 9784091896339

10 thoughts on “アフターアワーズ 2

  1. Jhosy says:

    This volume managed to be better than the first and I m still amazed at the talent of the author.In Volume 2 Kei and Emi are kind of living together and working on a project a rave.However, Emi still hasn t told Kei about her boyfriend or the apartment she shares with him although she hasn t see him With the rent date coming, Emi asks a friend to hand over her monthly payment to her boyfriend.Meanwhile Emi and Kei make plans and sign contracts with the people and companies needed to provide to the event.Kei finds out about Emi s situation, but doesn t confront her She becomes distant, but in this volume the author reveals Kei s thoughts and we realize that she nurtures feelings for Emi.Emi is forced in a way to face her problems and past because of the fear of losing Kei and her own guilt She reaches her the ex and talks to him, then she confesses everything to Kei The two argue, but the interesting is that and this should be stressed that many few manga especially lesbians develop in this way the two discuss the subject as the adults who they are and solve the problem, confessing their feelings and desires for each other.And as a bonus we have some slightly sexy and romantic pages with the characters making up.In short, the story is solid, fluid, very well built and thought out Secondary characters friends of Kei and Emi know about the relati...

  2. Alexis Sara says:

    It was hard to rate this comic because you can feel a slice of this not being own voice in the positioning of male characters are fairly central to this story about women living each other On the other hand the drama here leads to a very sweet romantic end that really makes me want to read volume 3 Emi and Kei are both great characters and really fun to watch interact and see in the world Also I think there was a really smart discussion to never show Emi s boyfriend in either volume and I hope they never show him Spoilers but the artistic choice not to show him during the break up with him lets the reader understand that for this story only Emi s feelings about this break up matter, that they don t want you to even consider the idea of going but these two would make such a cute couple the man exists simply as a concept here He was a hurdle for her to get past to be happy with Kei and I like that if...

  3. Rebecca says:

    What I m loving about this series is that it is clearly about grown women, not high school girls Kei and Emi both have their moments, but they work through things and seem to be genuinely invested in working things out, both between them and in their work It s a bit like Inio Asano Lite in that it deals with similar themes parti...

  4. Laura says:

    A fun mostly great adult yuri Good dramatic beats, a cute resolution, a well timed hook for the next volume Art is sharp and clean.

  5. Mike says:

    One of the best romance stories I ve read Here s hoping the momentum continues through the final volume.Review

  6. Aaron says:

    Anxiety is the name of the game for a bicurious twentysomething currently between jobs and also searching for her place in life Perhaps it was inevitable Emi is weak willed, avoids confrontation, has always been the passive one in relationships, and struggles mightily when it comes to resolving to better herself, because she s never quite sure what she should be bettering herself at or why AFTER HOURS continues the emotional push and pull of one young woman s attempt at adulthood, one late night at a time.So, is it helpful or is it a hindrance that Emi s sudden brush with romance, employment, and entertainment are all rolled into the tightly packed ball of ambition known as Kei Kei has opened Emi s eyes to a lot of things, lesbian sex being the least of them, funnily enough But as the older woman shares her passions, her interests, and her intuitions, it becomes clearer and clearer to the wayward Emi that kindness and ingenuity are what drive adult happiness not contentment with opportunity.The second volume of AFTER HOURS narrows its focus considerably Kei s DJ collective agrees to push ahead with a massively cool plan to ...

  7. Daisya Spencer says:

    I had high hopes that maybe this volume would improve, but it just fell flat in my eyes To me, the second volume felt like a major filler and there were some things that rubbed me the wrong way 1 It felt like Emi was just doing whatever Kei says and wanted instead of figuring herself And whether or not that s her way of doing so is beyond me, but even she recognized it in the beginning There was a scene where Kei found out about Emi having a boyfriend which is another thing that annoyed me and they had an apartment together that they had to pay off Emi apologizes and Kei tells her to let her know who comes by her house next time or something like that Emi says, Yes, Ma am, to Kei That just made me cringe on all levels and I didn t find it necessary Who says Yes, Ma am or Sir to someone that they are practically living and sleeping with 2 As I mentioned before the whole Emi has a boyfriend plot twist or subplot Idk what it is Instead of feeling natural, it just felt like that story was just thrown in there to throw the reader off I wasn t a big fan of it 3 Emi saying she loved Kei doesn t make any sense...

  8. Harker says:

    Emi and Kei s journey together, and as part of a performing arts group, continues in After Hours Vol 2.This second volume picks up right where the first left off Emi is a new person to the world of DJs and their accompaniments, so her unsureness was understandable Her anxiety, both regarding becoming a VJ and her growing relationship with Kei, is a prominent part of the story There s a lot of questioning what this new life means for Emi because it s so new and unlike the life she was living when she met Kei There are remnants of that person Emi was that she s kept secret since entering into a relationship with Kei and those secrets cause a lot of tension between the two.Most of the tension the reader will feel from Emi s point of view, but there is also a glimpse into how Kei is feeling Not only does this volume allow the reader to see how much work Kei puts into her events and her music, but it shows her vulnerable side and how much Emi me...

  9. Fenriz Angelo says:

    This volume is focused on Emi s and Kei s project to make the best rave ever They start the plans and make contacts in the process to set up the place and the equipment for the event However Emi hides a very important part of her life to Kei which later becomes a problem that both women resolve with a mature conversation about their situation and the feelings they developed for each other, culminating in scenes of sweet romantic closure.I ve read that this manga is yuri that defy stereotypes or break the common rules of the genre to tell a mature story about two adult women developing a relationship, and they are not wrong, as a former avid yuri manga reader After Hours has surprised me with how the situations are handled and it s very cool to see a yuri story outside of the high school or magical girl t...

  10. Katja says:

    The first volume was pretty fluffy although Emi had her anxious moments but in the second book Emi and Kei s relationship hits a bump There s also a big event they and Kei s DJ friends are preparing for Planning for the rave lets Emi to overcome her self doubts and become a little braver and I liked that character growth a lot I also liked the scenes with Emi interacting with Kei s friends and finding her place in the gang as herself, not just as Kei s girlfriend.Kei is shown to be confident and competent but this time her unsure side is revealed too when she s thinking Emi doesn t want h...

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