Son of Man

Son of Man What Compelled Yeshua To Leave Nazareth To Be Baptized By The Prophet John On The Jordan River Did He Know He Was The Messiah Son Of Man Is A Fictional Account Of Yeshua S Journey Down Nazareth Mountain, Across The Jezreel Valley, Into The Mountains Of Samaria, And On To The Jordan River To Finally Confront His Fateful, Inspired Destiny.

Welles is a preacher s kid who grew up steeped in American conservative Christianity with all its religious trappings Welles entered a scientific profession but has never forgot those root ideals of seeking truth serving man Following extensive Bible study, readings of Dead Sea Scroll translations, discussions with pastors, and travels to Israel Welles formed ideas of Yeshua early Ch

[PDF] Son of Man  By Welles Bristol –
  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • Son of Man
  • Welles Bristol
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9781548225247

6 thoughts on “Son of Man

  1. Welles Bristol says:

    When I was a young Christian I often wondered what compelled Yeshua to leave Nazareth to join his cousin John at the Jordan River Did he know he was beginning a journey that would end in his violent death Be prepared to challenge your unfo...

  2. Jason Comely says:

    An uplifting story I talk about it on Jesus in Books

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