Yuri Is My Job! 1

Yuri Is My Job! 1 The New, Hilarious Yuri Comedy Hime Gets Roped Into Working At A Weird Caf Where The Waitresses Pretend To Be Students At An All Girl Boarding School She S Strangely Taken With Her Partner Mitsuki, Who S So Kind To Her In Front Of The Customers There S Just One Problem Mitsuki Really Can T Stand Her THE MAIDEN AWAKENSHime Is A Picture Perfect High School Princess She S Admired By All And Never Trips Up So When She Accidentally Injures A Caf Manager Named Mai, She S Willing To Cover Some Shifts To Keep Her Fa Ade Intact To Hime S Surprise, The Caf Is Themed After A Private School Where The All Female Staff Always Puts On Their Best Act For Their Loyal Customers However, Under The Guidance Of The Most Graceful Girl There, She Can T Help But Blush And Blunder Beneath All The Frills And Laughter, Hime Feels Tension Brewing As She Finds Out About Her New Job And Her Budding Feelings

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Yuri Is My Job! 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Miman author readers around the world.

[Ebook] Yuri Is My Job! 1  By Miman – Horsebackridingnewmexico.us
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Yuri Is My Job! 1
  • Miman
  • English
  • 17 December 2017
  • 9781632367778

10 thoughts on “Yuri Is My Job! 1

  1. Rod Brown says:

    An unlikable protagonist sinks this slow and silly book Hime starts out bragging about how she is a gold digger whose main goal is to become a trophy wife To accomplish this, she pretends to like everyone so they will like her back A minor accident causes her to become a temporary waitress in a cafe where the staff pretends they are students in an all girls school Between orders, they act out soap opera scenes between their characters to entertain the clientele None of the side characters are interesting enough and the situations aren t humorous enough to offset the the dreariness of the wait for the main character to become a better person.

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is both a fun story and a send up of Class S yuri as a genre I m not thrilled with the way people treat Hime especially since she was forced into the job , but I m looking forward to seeing how it develops Full Review Eventually Appearing on ANN.

  3. Veronica says:

    I described this to a coworker as Ouran High School Host Club, but with lesbians and you know what I stand by that Down to the variety of potential romances available to the main character I haven t really read a lot of the old school yuri that this series is parodying but it s still quite funny on its own, and the art is lovely

  4. Kathaflauschi says:

    Vielen Dank an den Verlag f r das Rezensionsexemplar Hierbei hat mich der Titel angesprochen Ich liebe einfach Mangas die in einem Cafe spielen und so habe ich mich Hals ber Kopf in diesen Mange gest rzt Man lernt am Anfang Hime kennen, die in der Schule beliebt ist und jeder sagt, das sie s ist Nat rlich badet sie in dieser beliebtheit, den sie m chte ja auch sp ter einen Reichen Mann heiraten Dann muss aber auch noch ein Unfall passieren, bei der ihr nichts passiert ist, aber daf r eine andere Sch lerin verletzt hat, die gerade auf dem Weg zu ihrem Job war ber Himes Kopf hinweg, wird entschieden, das sie von nun an den Job bernimmt, solange die Sch lerin Mai nicht arbeiten kann Was aber Hime nicht wusste, das in diesem Job das S sein und beliebt sein ein Muss ist und ihr immer wieder Fehler unterlaufen Hime war f r mich Anfangs ziemlich Oberfl chlich und arrogant Sie hatte nur eines im Sinn, h bsch auszusehen und einen reichen Mann zu heiraten Das sie jedem etwas vorspielt, war ihr egal und auch das alles gelogen ist Mai, die Sch lerin die verletzt wurde, war mir gleich symphatisch und auch die beste Freundin von Hime war mir gleich symphatisch Die beste Freundin hat sich Sorgen um Hime gemacht und ist somit auch in diesen Job gerutscht Auch die anderen M dchen, die in diesem Cafe arbeiten, waren mir symphatisch, bis auf eine Sie hat ebenfalls wie Hime vorne rum als nette Person gemacht und war doch ziemlich hinterh ltig und hatte Hime sogar im Visier Aber es gibt einen bestimmten Grund weshalb sie so zu Hime ist Deshalb gibt es auch einen fiesen Cliffhanger hier, der sogar ziemlich spannend endet Man ist durch diesen Cliffhanger einfach gezwungen den zweiten Band zu lesen, der aber erst noch erscheinen muss Ich freue mich schon auf den zweiten Band und auch auf die Charakter, obwohl manche mir erstmal nicht symphatisch waren Aber sie passen einfach zu der Story, ohne sie w re die Story langweilig Der Zeichenstil ist auch hier wunderbar detailreich und bei dem Cafe hatte ich selbst lust, mal dort hinzugehen Man wusste auch sofort, um was es in der Story geht und man war einfach schon nach den ersten Seiten voll drin Ich habe den Manga in einem Zug durchgelesen und bin echt gespannt, wie es mit der Story weitergeht.

  5. Isabel says:

    Basically, this manga series is about a bunch of gay girls who put up a front in exchange for popularity, peace, or self protection It s a spoof of several classic yuri manga tropes while dealing with complications from misunderstandings, manipulation, and mayhem But mostly it s a lesbian comedy If you re not familiar with yuri wlw manga tropes, let me start off by saying the extensive use of sister when the girls are acting in the cafe is not intended with an incestuous vibe, in fact, very rarely has it ever been used that way, but instead it s a relic from a time where young lesbians and sapphics covered their closeness with the safety veil of we re just like sisters See also today s oft used cover of well, we re, uhhroommates Classic yuri went full on with the idea of pure and sisterly relationships, which were an appealing lens for the rest of the world to label a relationship that in reality, was romantic and or sexual So moving on, the protagonist is a girl who uses her natural cuteness as a means to drive a well crafted facade of an innocent, naive young lady who is loving and kind to everyone Inside, she s carefully planned out her life of being adored by everyone around her until a very rich man decides to take her as his trophy wife, earning her a life of luxury and exaltation Around her, her best friend secretly has quite the crush on her, which she hides in order to not make their relationship awkward or worse, end Unfortunately, our protagonist bumps into a woman who makes a big show about how much her arm absolutely, terribly, extremely hurts, and gets roped into covering for her at work, a work that ends up being a themed yuri cafe And there, stands a beautiful girl who for some reason, absolutely hates her guts And as her life s mission is to be loved and adored by everyone, she can t just let that be, can she Ahem I ve read, well, quite a lot of yuri manga, even now thanks to licensing companies willing to bring it over While the sometimes labeled pure ones are nice and all, at least when not written as a fetishized view of sapphic relationships, my favorites are the ones that feature a bunch of I say this lovingly dumbasses because they re fun and feel like the author wants to write creative women characters than the same three or four popular tropes I enjoyed reading this one a lot with how it both subverts and embraces classic cliches that come with the genre of wlw manga, and how it deals with the many faces people put on in their daily life, for whatever reason, be it profit, protection, and peace Definitely will be keeping up with this series.

  6. Katherine Long says:

    Stars 4 Stars Format Print Series Incomplete Steam Level Not Steamy I picked up this title during a yuri sale on a website I like because I thought the title and the premise behind it was funny And I m glad I did Quick Thoughts The characters are fun and not what they seem at first glance Though the short blonde Hime annoyed the crud out of me and I didn t really care for her at first Hime has this weird thing she calls her facade that took me a bit to understand at first but you get a better grasp what she means by this later on The art is cute and their expressions are very readable which can be an issue in some mangas and it was easy to know when they were putting on an act cue flowers and sparkles which is both hilarious and useful I think this is the first time I ve read anything from Kodansha Comics I like their translation, it was smooth to read Also they kept the honorifics which is super useful The setting being a girls school themed cafe is hilarious and greatly entertaining It also lets just the five main characters interact without there weirdly being no other student interactions, no hey what about class wondering, and no where are the adults in charge In the very back of this first volume are some explanations about certain phrases they kept and certain things people Also in the back of each book is like a couple paragraph explanation about something at the cafe that sounds like it came out of an employee manual which is a nice touch In this manga the inspiration the owner has for the cafe is from a made up series book Manga Something printed called A Maiden s Heart To me, it reads like a spoof inspired by Maria sama ga Miteru in English Maria Watches Over Us and I think those at least familiar with the anime will see the similarities it also made me giggle Volume one ends on a cliffhanger A very good cliffhanger so I recommend having book two readyOverall I m super glad I picked this series up Hime annoyed me a lot but I ended up enjoying her character in the end Will definitely keep reading this series.

  7. Jenny says:

    This story was completely different than what I thought it was going to be, but in a good way The summary on the back will have you think this is the standard girl is straight but meets other girl and starts thinking she s not but the actual plot is much different Hime has to work at a cafe after injuring the manager and meets Ayanokouji, who she thinks is physically attractive but Ayanokouji hates her The problem is Hime uses a cutesy facade to make everyone love her because she wants to nab a rich husband and be a trophy wife, but that facade starts slipping the she interacts with Ayanokouji What I appreciate about this setup is that Hime is not a likable character from the start While she s not as awful as other characters in romance manga, the fact that she is using a facade to ultimately get what she wants and is concerned with her facade than anything else makes it hard to relate and sympathize with her I am totally okay with that, though, because it means she has a lot of potential to grow and it makes me excited to read the series if I feel the character has room to grow also that cliffhanger is a killer I also appreciate that the story addresses the main issue with characters like Hime the fact that their facades make communication difficult due to a lack of trust Ayanokouji is frustrated because she doesn t know who the real Hime is, and by extension what s an act and what isn t Communication, especially in the a cafe, is crucial and Hime s facade makes it difficult not just to interact with coworkers but difficult to do business I m so glad the series addressed that and it gave me a lot respect for it Still, this volume is only three stars because the other characters are pretty boring and the story was a little repetitive I did enjoy it a lot and will see what volume two has to offer.

  8. Eva Hechenberger says:

    Caf Liebe 01 habe ich zuf llig gesehen und fand den Stil des Covers recht ansprechend, sodass ich es unbedingt lesen musste Im Mittelpunkt der Geschichte steht Hime, diese hat als Ziel einen reichen Mann zu finden Als sie eines Tages einer Mitsch lerin den Arm bricht, bernimmt sie deren Schicht in einem Themencaf.Die Handlung um Hime und ihren Kolleginnen fand ich absolut am sant und unterhaltsam Es ist humorvoll, aber auch die typischen Zickerein unter M dchen sind vorhanden, sodass die Geschichte sch n abwechslungsreich ist Eine von Himes Freundinnen landet n mlich auch in diesem Caf , weil sie ziemlich besorgt um Hime ist Richtig klasse Das Manga w rde ich dem Yuri Genre zuordnen, obwohl es in dem ersten Teil noch nicht wirklich viel zu sehen gibt und die Handlung noch absolut harmlos ist.Die Protagonisten waren richtig nett beschrieben, obwohl ich zu Beginn so meine Probleme mit Hime hatte, denn sie hatte nur einen reichen Mann als Ziel und wirkte dadurch rech oberfl chlich und arrogant, was ich echt schade fand, aber je weiter ich gelesen habe, desto netter wirkte sie und ich bin mal gespannt, wie sie in den Folgegeschichten sein wird Auch die anderen M dchen waren ganz ordentlich beschrieben und ich hatte nur mit einer Schwierigkeiten.Der Cliffhanger war fies und so muss ich ja fast die Fortsetzungen lesen.Die Zeichnungen waren genial und h bsch anzusehen Alle wirkten sehr detailliert und ansprechend Wirklich sch n Ich fand diese auch sehr pr gnant und ausdrucksstark.Das Cover gef llt mir ebenso wirklich gut.Fazit Toller Auftakt Fr hlich und unterhaltsam Kann ich definitiv weiterempfehlen.5 von 5 Sterne

  9. Bentgaidin says:

    Yuri Is My Job is a manga about a young girl who has shaped her life so that she can be adorable and adored by everyone, so that she never has to experience negative social interactions unfortunately for her plans, a series of mishaps and manipulations cause her to start working at an elegant girl s school themed cafe, and her carefully crafted persona starts to stumble as it bounces off of the parts that the other employees are playing It s adorable watching her getting flustered by all of this, and attempt to win them all over anyway despite her lack of understanding once her school friend and their barely concealed crush joins in as well, there s confusion and relationship triangles everywhere There s a lot going on here about creating and discovering yourself, about crafting an identity and how appearances may and may not reflect on an inner self I m looking forward to the future volumes where I think we ll get about wanting to be loved, and wanting to avoid being hurt, and how sharing your self risks both I m also looking forward to cute cafe antics, as everyone tries to balance their personal drama with the very different public performance that their job entails.

  10. Bryan says:

    I love slice of life stories that don t necessarily need a problematic plot but are character driven For me, the characters in this book really aren t that interesting and don t really have much chemistry between each other There s conflict, but it didn t pique my curiosity like some other Yuri titles I ve recently read that were also slice of life character stories.There is a panel with a line of dialogue that really made me laugh This volume does also end on a cliffhanger that does actually make me want to check out the next volume Maybe the series will improve with time.

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