The Stardust Voyages

The Stardust VoyagesIn The Great Tradition Of Star Trek, E E Doc Smith And Edmond Hamilton, The Great Ship And Its Mixed Crew Of Adventurers Wends Its Way In Deep Space.Contents A Star Called Cyrene 1966 The Bear With The Knot On His Tail 1971 Birds Fly South In Winter 1971 The Gods On Olympus 1972 The Invaders 1973 Mushroom World 1974

Common pseudonym of American science fiction writer Compton Newby Crook.

[Ebook] ↠ The Stardust Voyages Author Stephen Tall –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • The Stardust Voyages
  • Stephen Tall
  • English
  • 24 June 2018
  • 9780425029725

10 thoughts on “The Stardust Voyages

  1. Wes says:

    I really enjoyed reading this collection The stories were very interesting and compelling I think that this is one of the best science fiction writings Unlike Star Trek, to which this has been compared, these stories focus on the object of discovery that the culture and climate of the audience Yes, there is much character discovery, but the focus remains on the exploration Tall is so imaginative in the differing species that are encountered and he manages to blend the mechanics so that the story flows and is mostly believable i.e seemingly possible, not fantasy I say not fantasy, the only element being the hyper drive Some view faster than light travel as fantasy Here, this is treated very well even if a bit fantasy Some story elements are necessarily created that might not be kosher, so to speak I wish that I could read all of the logs referenced in the text and continu...

  2. CBishop says:

    This was pretty much exactly like Star Trek, only I don t recall any extras wandering off and dying in these short stories I took speech therapy for a lisp, when I was in elementary and middle school Mrs Slaughter what a cruel name to make your lisping students pronounce lol , the therapist I had in elementary scho...

  3. Travis says:

    If Robert Heinlein and Philip Jose Farmer had gotten together to create Star Trek, they d have come up with something a bit like this.The best, brightest and slightly eccentric of earth make up the crew of the star ship Stardust, their mission to seek out new worlds etc, etcI like the laid back, commu...

  4. Marilyn says:

    Few of his readers will know this, but Stephen Tall was a pseudonym for Dr Compton Crook who was an Ornithology Professor at Towson State University Though his students KNEW he was a writer, he would not reveal his pseudonym until he retired Unfortunately, he did not live long after he retired.This is a classic tale of exploring the galaxies to find other life forms Among his characters are a geologist, an ecologist, a mi...

  5. Joy says:

    Despite being a touch mired in the times of their writing late 1960s 1970s in terms of style, these stories are interesting and fun to read The absolute stand out, to me, was the character of Ursula Potts, a painter assigned to the crew of the Stardust for the unique insights she and her art can provide on the alien situations and life forms...

  6. Dianne Reissig-peabody says:

    This is a little known classic of SF The crew of the Starship Stardust wanders across the galaxy on their mission of exploration The characters are interesting and memorable Sadly the book was only ever available in mass market paperback, so I wore my copy out When I tried to find anoth...

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