A Walk Through Paris

A Walk Through ParisEric Hazan, author of the acclaimed The Invention of Paris, leads us by the hand in this walk from Ivry to Saint Denis, roughly following the meridian that divides Paris into east and west, and passing such familiar landmarks as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pompidou Centre, the Gare du Nord and Montm

Poverty Safari

Poverty SafariPeople from deprived communities all around Britain feel misunderstood and unheard Darren McGarvey, aka Loki gives voice to their feelings and concerns, and the anger that is spilling over Anger he says we will have to get used to, unless things change He invites you to come on a Safari of sort

Wood, Talc and Mr. J

Wood, Talc and Mr. JA look back Without the rose tinted spectacles, but with hindsight and humour, and with poignancy and affection 1978 The North Phillip sees life in a simplistic if passionate way up or down, us and them, black, white and nothing in between When not doing his thing in Wigan s Casino Club vo