My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2

My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2The sequel series to the award winning My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness Living on her own is harder than Nagata Kabi expected Building relationships is difficult too, but with a new friendship to cultivate and a new perspective on her family, she s doing her best to open up and become a warm,

Citrus, Vol. 5

Citrus, Vol. 5For fans of Girl Friends and Strawberry Panic comes the New York Times Bestselling yuri series Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is about to get a reality check Due to her mom s remarriage, Yuzu has transfered to a new, all girls school

Bloom into You, Vol. 5

Bloom into You, Vol. 5GOING OUT They might be on vacation, but the play is still on everyone s minds Touko is already starting to worry about what will happen after it s over, and Yuu wants to change the script s ending Stressing about the play isn t the only thing they re doing, though It s summer break, after all

Bloom into You, Vol. 2

Bloom into You, Vol. 2A charming love story about two young women who together discover that their dreams of a heart pounding romance can indeed come true Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and fantasizes about the day that she too will get a love confession that will send her heart a flutter Yet when a male classmate

NTR - Netsuzou Trap Vol. 3

NTR - Netsuzou Trap Vol. 3Life isn t going so hot for Yuma after her break up with Takeda But things only get worse when Fujiwara snaps and intimate shot of her and Hotaru and then asks to join in To top it all off, Yuma finds out that Hotaru has a big secret she s been hiding Can Yuma handle the truth when it is finally